Air Conditioning NZ – Keeping Cool in the Hot Summer Heat

Whether you are in a home, office, or commercial building, air conditioning can be a vital component of your daily life. A good quality air conditioning unit can reduce the risk of fire, save you money on electricity bills, and make your building more energy efficient. Energy-efficiency standards During the past twenty five years, there […]

Are Escorts in New Zealand Legal?

Whether you’re a New Zealander or a foreigner, you might have some questions about how the country treats its escorts. The country has legalized both prostitution and brothel-keeping, and the prostitution reform act 2003 prohibits coercion of sex workers. New Zealand escorts have a drug problem Until recently, there has been almost no hard data […]

Choosing the Best Windows Mail Server

Whether you are in the market for a Windows mail server or are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Exchange, there are several choices available for you. Some of the most popular options are MailEnable, SurgeMail, Axigen, Postfix, and hMailServer. hMailServer hMailServer is a free open source e-mail server for Windows. It is designed to […]