Some Pros and Cons of Contractors Offering Flexible Pricing Plans

It has been suggested by one of our clients that there are builders in Auckland, New Zealand that offer flexible pricing plans. Here is why this statement holds water. Flexibility is a wonderful element in the marketplace. Not only can it help businesses make more money but it can also make life more enjoyable. Having […]


Welcome to the Centre for Performance Research The purpose of the Centre is to promote research into the broad field of performance, understanding this term to cover a manifold of practices that rest on the interaction between human and humanlike agents and modes of practice within the performing arts.The Centre will encourage multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary […]


Developing better products, faster, that exceed customer expectations the first time, every time   Rapid Product Development is the integration of design, manufacturing and marketing using a systematic process to initiate, research and develop successful products in the shortest possible time.   Operating both as a research center and as a consultancy, the Centre for […]


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Listed below are a variety of resources that may useful in managing creativity and inovation. Should you wish to contribute any resources to this section of the site, please email us. Brief Development Tools Download Quality Function Deployment (QFD) A very cool Macromedia Flash tutorial on Quality Function Deployment (QFD), from the Centre for Management […]