What is BendWorks?
BendWorks is a simple calculator to help you calculate bend deductions, and to help you reverse engineer the best K-factor to use when creating sheet-metal parts in you favorite CAD program. It also includes a set of default "rule of thumb" K-factors to use for various materials, radii, and bending methods.

BendWorks is freeware which means that it is absolutely free to you. Please click HERE to download BendWorks. The file you will download is a zip file of just under 1.6Mb. Once you have downloaded it, simply unzip it's contents to a folder on your hard drive (C:\Temp, for example) and then double click the BendWorks_V1-1_Setup.exe file to begin the installation.

You can also download "The fine-art of Sheet Metal Bending", an Adobe Acrobat pdf document that is included with BendWorks by clicking HERE.

Should you have any questions about BendWorks please contact:

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Faculty of Design & Creative Technologies
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