Our programs optimize corrugator combining and one-stage or two-stage, two-machine cutting stock problems. Each stage involves its own machine, one to slit, the other to chop, so "two-stage" is not "two-dimensional", fitting small rectangles into large ones on one machine.

CutWorks deckles reels, re-reelers, laminates, folios and A4-sheets.

BoxWorks combines corrugators, assuring a shortest board machine run as long as is possible given the smallest order at hand.

One-stage deckling or cutting stock problems involve demand for reels, obtained from wide stock units on a winder. Stage 2 may follow on other machines, to make reels into re-reelers, laminates, folios, A4 cutsheets or coated papers. One aims to run all machines efficiently.

Third-stage corrugator combining involves demand for cartons, to be made from laminates on a machine with several choppers. Stage 3 can function independently, but all stages interact if laminate maker and user agree to cooperate in maximizing their combined efficiency.

In all cases, demand is to be filled at the lowest possible total cost, but efficiency on one machine tends to impair the other's.

We integrate these countervailing forces objectively in one optimizer. It uses Compact Linear Programming and dynamic pattern generation to guarantee a minimum of integer stock units, for few or many orders and for any desired cutter efficiency.

Ideally, the stock thus used is the least possible amount, absolutely. Where extra stock is sacrificed, a few units may greatly improve both cutter and winder efficiency: setups and run length, surplus and free stock, more equal pattern loss and similar secondary objectives. Our programs also provide these options, some order-specific:

  • Shortest run length, no run shorter than specified.
  • fixed multiples, of cutreels on backstand or of patterns to exactly fill stock reel diameter.
  • Re-reelers or cutreels of optimal or standard width.
  • Trade tolerance, an order being filled exactly or optimally.
  • Multipack, reels in fixed multiples for stability or packing.
  • Position, reels in given positions on winder.
  • Delivery date, cutting plans sorted to favor large, early orders.
  • Two reel diameters for sheets, one used only to improve the other.
  • Stock usage above minimum, to improve other aspects of a solution.
If you do not have the time to explore CutWorks yourself, send us your data: cutting plans will be done without charge for one month. Compare them with your current results.
Send stock, machine and order data to cutworks7@iafrica.com.

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