Moderation Software For Video

Moderation software is a tool that allows organizations to organize, review, approve, reject or flag user-generated content before it gets published online.

Video Moderation:
Similar to image moderation, video moderation software scans each video frame for any inappropriate material before it is shared publicly. This helps identify violence, illegal activities, and explicit content before it is uploaded to the platform.


Sightengine provides an API that lets developers moderate images and detect unwanted content. The tool uses artificial intelligence to detect if an image contains offensive content such as nudity, adult content or suggestive scenes.

It is used for social media, websites and apps that need to enforce codes of conduct. Sightengine’s technology enables businesses to filter out user-generated photos that break code of conduct instantly.

Moderation is available for both live streams and past streams, which means that it can be integrated into any website or app that allows users to share video or images. It is designed to work across HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), rtsp and rtmp, with all major video formats supported.

When a video or stream is submitted to Sightengine, it is processed and moderation results are sent to the callback URL defined by the user. These POST requests return standard HTTP response codes such as 2xx, but you also get a human-readable description of the error, along with a JSON dictionary that details what moderation scores were given to the frames in question.

The moderation engine aims to achieve 99% accuracy by leveraging state-of-the-art models and proprietary technology. It also includes feedback loops and continuous improvement.

It can be set to reject or allow images automatically, depending on machine learning scoring, or you can choose to dictate what happens to the images yourself: allow only if they pass certain thresholds, and reject them if they fall into the wrong category. Its software is able to handle millions of images per day.

You can even create your own filters to allow/reject a specific type of image, such as profile images. It is a powerful tool for any business that needs to enforce policies on content.

This is especially useful for online community platforms where the tolerance level for vulgar content varies widely. It’s essential to enforce your rules on images and videos that could be considered offensive, and CleanSpeak is a great way to do this.

Sightengine’s software is designed to be easy to use and scalable, so it can grow with your needs. It will scale to tens of millions of images per month, with its moderation pipeline built on state-of-the-art models and technology. It also offers consistent moderation decisions and is easily auditable.


LiveWorld is an American company that provides online community management and social media moderation services. It also offers specialized social media services for regulated industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, and financial services.

The company’s software includes a customer service platform that integrates social media and messaging apps, SMS, and web and mobile chat into a single feed. It also has conversational marketing software for Facebook messenger, and an enterprise chatbot management system.

It’s a great way to improve your business’s customer service, and it’s affordable for small businesses. The software is available 247 and is constantly learning from its interactions with customers. It can handle an unlimited number of conversations at once and never gets tired.

LiveWorld also has a content moderation service that can help protect your brand from harmful and malicious content. It uses multi-lingual moderators to ensure that content is safe for your users.

For example, it can detect videos with violence or explicit language that violates your policies and standards. It can also profile users who have previously violated your rules, so that future posts may be flagged for review more quickly.

With this type of moderation software, it’s easy to create a more secure environment and to keep your brand’s reputation intact. It also allows you to monitor your content’s performance in real time, and it can be customized to meet your specific needs.

The company has a team of experts who work around the clock to ensure that your conversations are safe and secure. It also offers a variety of tools to assist with content moderation, including video moderation, user profiling, and smart filtering.

It’s a great solution for brands that need to manage their conversations across multiple platforms. Its moderation service is a great way to protect your brand’s reputation and keep your customers happy.

It has a variety of features and can be used in any industry. It also comes with an easy-to-use interface and a community of users who can help you get the most out of it. It can handle an unlimited number of conversations and is always learning from its interactions with customers.


The team behind the Respondology app is seeking to make it easier for brands and influencers to mute toxic, trollish or spammy comments. Its new comment moderation tool, called The Mod, uses artificial intelligence sweeping and a 1,000-strong back-up team to quickly and quietly remove unwanted comments from content.

The company has worked with professional sport leagues and consumer brands to protect their online reputations. For example, it has helped GoPro save time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on social media moderation.

Its social media monitoring and moderation software automatically detects hate speech, spam, and bots. It enables brands to regain control of their online presence and eliminate toxic social comments across paid, organic and influencer marketing.

A new report has revealed that six Premier League clubs are in talks with Respondology over a deal that would see the US tech firm moderate player posts on social media. The Athletic says that the FA and the English Football Association have also expressed interest in using the tool, which supposedly sifts out online abuse in real-time while ensuring perpetrators are identifiable.

According to the report, the tool identifies a wide range of abusive messages, including spam, racist comments and even severe swearing. It also weeds out sexual references and political references.

The service is free to use and works with a range of platforms, including Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. It allows brands to set keywords that will trigger its moderation feature.

Respondology is based in Boulder, Colorado. It is one of the only social media moderating companies in the world that is fully integrated with Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to actively root out hate speech and spam in seconds 24/7/365.

It works by analyzing user-uploaded videos and filtering them based on a variety of categories, including nudity, violence and hate imagery. Its video analysis software can scan tens of millions of videos per month and return results in minutes.

Respondology is seeking to hire independent contractors, primarily in the United States. Applicants are expected to be at least 18 years of age and reside in the US. The company pays its employees $0.005 (half a cent) for every comment they process.


VIDIZMO provides a video content management system that allows organizations to share videos on a private YouTube-like portal. This helps improve knowledge sharing, enhance productivity, and ensure that content is secure and compliant.

It also offers a Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) that runs on AWS to help public sector agencies securely manage, store, and collaborate on digital evidence, including audio, video, and images, stored in Amazon S3. This application allows users to maintain a chain of custody, redact personal information, use AI-powered search, and more.

For enterprises, it provides a live and on-demand video streaming solution to broadcast video presentations, events, and training sessions, as well as to communicate with customers and suppliers. Its solutions include a branded media portal, automated video ingestion from Zoom and MS Teams, and automated recording transcription with optional AI features.

The company has a global sales and marketing team based in Tysons, Virginia, with regional engineering offices. Its products are available as SaaS or on-premise.

Its EnterpriseTube video content management platform allows users to create YouTube-like portals for managing and streaming their internal and external video content. The system lets users define who can view the videos, as well as who can upload them. They can also set access conditions for users and groups to make sure that only the intended audience has access.

This helps prevent unwanted or inappropriate content from being added to the library and allows IT Admins to meet various privacy and security regulatory compliances. Its video content moderation feature allows a moderator to review and approve or reject all files that are uploaded on the platform.

Vidizmo also offers a video content management system for government agencies that allows them to manage their recorded meetings. This system enables agencies to auto-ingest recordings from Zoom, generate metadata, and securely share them with other organizations. It also has machine transcription capabilities to help participants take notes and record their conversations.

Its video content moderation workflow is designed to keep a centralized video library organized and free of clutter. Its features also allow Admins to limit access to specific videos and set a time period for the content to expire. It can also be used to moderate comments posted on videos.

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