What Is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll is a type of sex toy designed to aid masturbation. They can be used by singles or couples, and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

While dildos and pocket pussies may resemble genitalia, sex dolls take it one step further. To care for your sex doll, you should clean any orifices immediately after use and apply lubricant.


There are a wide variety of sex dolls available, from blow-up dolls to teddy bears to a variety of anatomically correct full-body TPE dolls. There are even hybrid dolls that combine silicone with TPE for a more realistic feel and look. The choice of sex doll is personal and can depend on your own kinks. If jealousy turns you on, or if shyness spices up your erections, then you can program a doll with personality traits that best suit your needs.

Besides being a kinky toy, sex dolls can also be used for sexual pleasure and stress relief. Research suggests that sex doll owners may experience positive emotions, such as increased sexual satisfaction, reduced anxiety and improved self-esteem. In addition, sex dolls can help you explore your same-sex feelings and desires that you may have repressed or relegated to the back of your mind. Moreover, the intimate nature of these toys can bring you and your partner closer together.


Sex dolls are a lot of fun to play with, but they also need care. There are a number of sex doll accessories available to make cleaning, maintaining and repairing your love doll as easy as possible. These include TPE repair kits which are important for making quick repairs to tears and abrasions. These kits typically include 2 essential products; TPE glue and a chunk of TPE material that matches your doll’s skin tone.

Other accessories are more for cosmetic purposes, such as a split tongue, new set of teeth or a different color for the eyes. You can also give your doll a little extra variety by changing her head, or swapping out the vagina for a different one.

Having a safe place to store your sex doll is another important accessory for ensuring that she (or he) stays looking good. There are a number of storage solutions available, including suspension hooks, headstands and cases. These are important to protect your doll from dust and sunlight which can cause creases in the body or colour.


While sex dolls can offer incredible pleasure, it’s important to take safety seriously. These toys should be cleaned regularly with soap and water, as well as stored properly when not in use. They should also be kept away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Sex dolls can be made out of a variety of materials, but medical-grade silicone is the most popular. It’s non-porous, latex-free and phthalate-free, which makes it hypoallergenic. It’s also durable and will reject odours. This material is typically reserved for premium dolls, however, and it can be expensive.

Sex dolls are a great option for people who want to explore their kinky side but aren’t comfortable with having sex with a real person. They can help people explore their fantasies safely and with no guilt or shame. In addition, they can help improve sexual stamina and skills. Regular ejaculation can decrease prostate cancer risk, and orgasms release feel-good hormones like endorphins and immunoglobulin.


Sex dolls can be used to explore a range of sexual positions and techniques. However, it is important to be aware of the risks and ensure your dolls are safe for use. To do this, make sure they are clean, stored properly, and kept away from extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. You should also apply lubricant before using them.

The use of sex dolls is legal in most states, but some groups argue that child-like sex dolls promote pedophilia, a psychiatric condition where people are sexually attracted to children. In addition, they can be constructed to resemble specific children, which has raised concerns that the dolls could lead to real-world sexual exploitation of young kids.

In a bid to counter this, Donovan introduced legislation following Britain and Australia that would ban the sale of dolls shaped and sized like children. But this law would not prohibit the ownership of a doll, which could open up defences such as lack of intent or knowledge for defendants.

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